At Island Shore Productions we want to create a wedding video that you will actually want to watch! We’ve all seen those horrible videos that were probably only watched one time, and then stuffed into a drawer never to be seen again. That’s not the case with our films.

Below are some examples of Highlight videos from wedding packages. For the Highlight video, we take your entire day and create a short film that you can quickly show your family and friends, while getting a great feel for everything. It’s also great for carrying around on your iPhone or Android! We have packages that include a short film only, or we can include all of the important aspects from your entire day (and most packages include the Highlight Video). You can also check out our Vimeo channel at:

Wild Horse House Wedding – Corova, NC

Spangler Highlight Reel

Paley Highlight Reel

Cummings Highlight Reel